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A Brief Guide to the Acts & Conventions Governing US Arbitration

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third party reviews the evidence of a dispute and makes a binding decision about the case. Arbitration keeps the dispute out of court and is often utilized in commercial disputes, particularly ones that involve international transactions. Arbitration law can be incredibly complex, especially when considering the non-uniformity of laws in Read More

6 Steps to Take if Your Business is Being Sued

Savvy business owners will take important preventative measures to try to limit their exposure to the risk of lawsuits. But, the fact is, if you own a business then it is likely that someday you will have to deal with a lawsuit. It is the nature of business—there will always be conflicting interests and those who perceive you to be at fault for some slight or unfortunate event. There are certainly steps you can Read More